Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My first day back to work was okay. The morning was horrible. I felt so guilty leaving my little guy that I could hardly bear it. Every smile he gave me was a stab to my heart and I cried like a baby myself. Just thinking about it all makes me want to cry now. It's not where he was going or who was taking care of him, because I am confident in the daycare choice that Patrick & I made... it was the fact that I wasn't going to be able to be there with him all day like I have been. It had become a true reality that I am going to be missing a lot of his smiles, noises, giggles. Breaks my heart. But coming home to him was so great! I couldn't wait to get home and just hold him. I was hoping to get a big smile out of him when I first came in the door but poor little guy was hungry and didn't care I was there. LoL Once fed, those smiles melted my heart once again. I know it's going to be hard to part ways with him for a little while, but I am feeling okay and will get better with time. It's tough to be away from him, but it's also sort of nice to get a little break. I just wish I had different hours or shorter, more flexible hours. Oh well, we are going to win the Powerball tomorrow so I don't have to deal with this too much longer. ;)

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