Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crossing my fingers!!!

Okay, so I have been on the search for a carrier for B. I have had a couple instances where it has not worked out so far. I impulsively purchased a Moby Wrap and that didn't work out because I can't figure out the tying and B didn't really care for how tight it was and didn't like his head squished in there... and I think because I'm not a size 0 it wasn't very comfortable for me to use either. Then I turned to a cheapo carrier at Target.. an Infantino. Uh... talk about cheap ... and you get what you pay for. This carrier was a POS. Returned that. I still have the Moby wrap and it honestly has barely been used... so if you know anyone interested in buying it from me, please have them contact me as I am trying to figure out what to do with it! Anyway, so then I was researching other carriers that aren't wraps and came across the "Soft structured carriers" and there was one called the "Oh Snap" by BabyHawk. It looked like a good alternative to the wraps as it had snaps instead of long ties to wrap this way and that way... which seemed to be my kryptonite with the Moby. Bonus... they had a camo pattern!! I, again, impulsively purchased this carrier and was so excited until after hitting that 'Submit Order' button I read that it was only good for babies 15 lbs and more...uhh, B was only 12 lbs. 14 oz. at his 2 month appt. and then I was reading that this particular carrier was really not good for infants and of course no infant insert yet as it was so new to the market. Great. I received and am sending back today for a refund. Grr. It's truly difficult to buy a carrier when you can't try them out in a local store.... seriously. So I researched it a little bit more and have decided, for the 3rd and hopefully final time, to go with the Beco. I have read good reviews about it and it will last a lot longer than the Baby Bjorn, which I also was tempted to try before purchasing the Beco this morning. The Baby Bjorn was only up to 25 lbs. I am not a baby genius and I literally know very little about how large children are at certain ages. I asked my friend here at work how old her little boy is 3 and he weighs 37 lbs. I'm not looking to use this carrier until B is 10 or anything, but I'd like to use it for longer than a year (if he likes it!) so I opted for the more expensive option in hopes it will be well worth it. So I have ordered this Beco carrier:
I think it's super cute.. I didn't want to get anything too girly and if you look closely... it has little deer on this argyle design.
So cute!!!! And it should go with everything... especially since I wear and ♥ black. :)

Wish me luck!!!! Can't wait to get it and try it!


  1. I hope it works out! I've read good things :)

    I have a peanut shell sling for Ava that she loves, but hurts my back, and a Bjorn that we use often, but I'd be interested in a more long-term carrier as well!

  2. I love the Beco, I had to choose between the Beco and the Boba carrier, I love both but chose the Boba. Let me know how you like your Beco. I think they are pretty much the same but the price is a little different.

    I know how you feel about trying to find a good carrier, it took me months to find a good one. I have a chicco that SUCKS and hurt mine and my husbands back so much! Gah.. the days we used to think one size fits all. NOT!

  3. I got a Babyhawk mei-tei and love it. The tying isn't as difficult as it looks and it's really supportive. I hate bjorns, but got one at my shower. They aren't good for baby's spines and it's really only comfortable for up to 15 pounds anyway. I've done a lot of research on carriers and I am also planning on getting a Beco! I can't wait to get it and use it now that the weather is warming up. Let us know how you like it!

  4. Asher and I love his Beco! I hope it works well for you too!

  5. You'll have to let us know if it works out! I too have read good things but we have a Bjorn that Adelle really likes so we just use that. We'd like to have something that would last longer too - because of hubby!


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