Monday, December 14, 2009

Stubborn Baby

Had my routine Dr appt. this morning. And guess what? Baby B is being stubborn and nothing has changed. It's funny because I kind of psych myself into thinking I might be having some real contractions... but in all reality I'm not even sure what I feel from time to time recently is even a Braxton-Hicks contraction. Sad, I know. I was all psyched to go in today and have a pleasant surprise from my Doc saying that I was dilated... even a little bit... maybe a cm??? NO?! Baby B!  BAD Baby B! LoL. I am quite anxious to meet this little guy, can you tell? My new pet peeve is when someone tells me that they are anxious to meet him. Well yeah.... Me too, buddy! Haha. Just a little more annoyed with everything. In the past month or so my smell has heightened, along with my sensitivity to annoyances and little things I probably never even knew existed.

Unless Baby B makes a miraculous appearance in the next couple of days, we will be going into the hospital Wed evening to begin the entire process and hopefully have a baby by later morning Thursday. I literally cannot wait. I can't wait to become a Mommy. :)

Thinking back, it's really crazy to think of how far we've come and I am thankful that all in all, my pregnancy hasn't been bad, really. I have had my ups and downs but I should really not complain as it has been mostly tolerable. I never actually puked, I only had the "morning sickness feeling" for the 1st trimester. I did manage to get gestational diabetes, but I think, in a strange way, that was a good thing as I have gained the minimum amount of weight during this entire 'ordeal'. I must admit that I am worried about how my body will look post-baby, but I am also looking forward to continuing eating healthier and being able to move about without worrying about squishing or hurting Baby.

Patrick and I have reminisced about the past 9/10 months and we are in awe of how the time has passed. I remember when I first told Patrick that I was pregnant, that was such a wonderful moment for me. I was so happy that we finally did it! And then when I first put the ticker on my webpage and it was so far to the left, just the beginning... and now it's so far to the right, the end is so close!!! Preparing the house for Baby B has been somewhat of a struggle as I am nothing but lazybones and Patrick can only do so much himself. Thankfully my Mother was a dear and came over this past weekend to help cook some food to freeze and clean up a bit. She was even on her hands and knees washing our kitchen floor. What a Mother!!!! Scratch that... GRANDMOTHER (almost!!)

I am truly excited for this week and everything that it will bring. I will admit I am a little leary about the birth itself, but I am definitely ready to get it over with and meet our little man. I truly feel blessed by everything that's going on around me. This time of year I tend to think about that stuff... how things could be and how we are fortunate to have a house to live in, food on our table, and great family surrounding us. I know not everyone can say the same. So I am thankful for all of that. Most importantly, I am thankful for Patrick. I can't stress how much he has helped me during this pregnancy and he is probably one of the main reasons it hasn't been a huge pain in my butt. He does more for me than I could ever ask or want, truly....the BEST husband. Love you P. :)

I've decided to start my maternity leave on Wednesday to use the day to rest up for what lies ahead. That means tomorrow will be my last day of work, and it feels good! I didn't even want to get up today.... but at least knowing the end is near will hopefully motivate me out of bed tomorrow. Driving in the snow is sucky too.... let's get those roads cleared in case Baby B decides to arrive before Wed!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences! Right now I am feeling the same way even though I am not due until January 2nd. Good luck and congratulations!!!

  2. Just a note saying I hope all went well yesterday and that you have a healthy little boy right now :) Congrats!


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