Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Classes are over!!!

I am so relieved that we are done with our baby classes. We chose to attend 2 different ones: All About Babies and Birth & Pregnancy. The All About Babies was the class I posted about earlier and was shorter and actually contained some pretty good information. The most recent class we attended last Friday and Saturday (for 9 hours total!) was not so informative. Wait, it was informative but in a very, very repetitive fashion. Very repetitive!!! We would learn about something from a Powerpoint presentation and then watch a video about it. I was listening the first time!!!! I think the actual information that we will use and wanted could have been broken down into a good half to one hour of class. Sad, huh? I also wasn't a fan of the breathing/relaxation exercises they had us do. And to think all of the information they did give us was also in the book we got when we first found out we were expecting our little baby boy! I am going to look through that thing thoroughly within the next 2 months fo sho! Probably could have skipped the classes all together and just read that book. Oh well, live and learn. We watched some videos of births and that was a little unnerving, but I honestly don't feel nervous about the labor part, I just am anxious for it to be done and over with so that we can get on with raising our little angel. :) I am a strong woman and if I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't be pregnant. Right? Right.

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