Monday, September 28, 2009

The Third Trimester Begins.

Last Thursday was officially the beginning of the 3rd and final trimester for Baby & I! I am excited to meet this little guy and anxious to get the entire birthing process over with. I have been sort of avoiding all the details of the birth but read about both (c-section and natural) last night. I am not sure which one I would prefer... both are pretty "icky". I guess I'm just a wuss about pain, so that's where it's getting to me. I know it will all be worth it in the end but it's still a little difficult to grasp for me right now! I am hoping that the baby classes we are going to be doing in the next month will help ease some of the worries that I have. :-/ I think I just need to focus on the end result.... our beautiful Baby Boy.

Tomorrow is my follow-up appt. with a nutritionist for my GD. I am pretty sure they aren't going to try to put me on insulin as my numbers have been quite good and I must say, I am quite proud! I don't really dread having to prick my finger 4x a day anymore and have only had a couple of higher numbers - which I'm guessing will happen from time to time. I am strong!!!

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