Saturday, August 29, 2009

Names are tough!

We've had these name books sitting around our living room for weeks now. I was so anxious to look through them and find the perfect one!!! Little did I know, it would definitely not be so easy. Patrick & I have been juggling names back and forth between each other for weeks now. It's hard to pick a name for something so dear to you. It's also hard to not let any outside comments and/or people influence your choice. We had the middle names picked out before we even knew the sex of this baby. The middle names are easy, well, they were for us. First names are not. First names are totally tough!!!! We have managed to narrow the list down a bit, but it's still really tough to decide on one indefinitely. Maybe we won't even decide on one until he actually arrives and we can look into that precious little face and say, "Ah yes! You are a ______." I kind of want to figure it out before that though.... so that I can start referring to him as something other than "baby" or "little one" or "little guy". Also so that Ann can start calling him something other than "Tadders". Yeah, she's hilarious. :-P

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