Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Phone.

Well, I've gotten a "new phone"...well, new to me. It's a blackberry and I don't have a camera on it...so....no more random pics on here! :-P

Anyway, Patrick's Grandmother passed away and we went to Fertile, MN this past weekend to attend her wake and funeral. Funerals are always so sad... and this was no exception. I can't imagine burying my parents... and I don't want to!!!

So anyway... yesterday was a horrible day at work. Busy busy busy!!!! Overly busy and overly stressful. Ugh.... but today is a new day and I am so very thankful for that!

Not sure what's going on this weekend, besides Sophia's Birthday Party on Saturday. Probably laying low again, I don't have a great need to go downtown again and get wasted...again. Yeah, probably not!!! I've decided the clubs aren't the best place for married folk. Oh well... every now and again is fine, but every weekend...probably not!

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