Monday, January 7, 2008

Case of the Mondays.

It's another Monday and I am anxious to get this day over with! I am just having a little lunch and surfing the internet... not even sure what to do with the rest of my lunch hour. Patrick has his Christmas party today I guess (yes, a little overdue). I am working tirelessly on the end of the year labels for Len and that is making my right arm sore. Don't ask.

We have been cleaning like crazy at home and finally it's starting to show. We are making progress!!!! We are purging like crazy and it feels SO DAMN GOOD. Yay for us!!! I can't wait until the sale in the Spring... it's gonna be FLU. LoL. That was for you, Patty. =)

Alright, time to look at more shit on the web. Have a good Monday everyone!

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  1. it's definitely FLU!......word up bbg 4 life


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