Monday, January 14, 2008


Cancer affects almost everyone, in some way, shape or form. Someone knows someone that has it or someone has it themselves. It takes those we love, young and old. It took my aunt Charlene and my cousin, Cathy. My parent's long-time family friend has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker for as long as I can remember. He asked the doctor if he should quit and the doctor replied, "No". I don't know how he is taking it but I can't imagine. I feel so bad for his wife and for his family. People always hear about smokers that get lung cancer and everything else that smoking causes... and it's almost like they think...well, they should have known better. Smoking is a horrible thing. It gets you addicted, it hooks you .. and not just mentally, physically. Nicotine is highly addictive and yes, people do know this when they pick up a cigarette and light it. They know it contains horrible chemicals and yet they still do it. This is how addictive it is. It is a calming agent for a lot of people and a stress-reliever. It is a habit that is so strong it is nearly impossible to give it up. But... get this straight... NO ONE deserves to get cancer. Along with all of the other deadly diseases in this world... no one deserves to get any deathly disease. No one's family deserves to go through the horrible journey that follows a life-changing diagnosis of any disease. My heart goes out to the families whose lives will never be the same.

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