Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well kids, we've made it. We've made it through the 3-day work week and I am thoroughly happy it's over. Strangely, it felt like an entire week and I even got out early today. Strange.

Anyway, my Dad had shoulder surgery scheduled for this morning. Figured it was going to go off without a hitch but then Sarah tells me that it took quite a bit longer than it should have (because they had to change plans from what they had originally intended) and then he finally got out and was having trouble breathing. Oy... so then there was the information that Dad finally decided to share... he was having chest pains BEFORE the surgery. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Damn men and medical crap anyway. So he's staying there tonight and who knows what's going to happen tomorrow or the next day. I just hope everything will be fine... I kept thinking it would be horrible if he died and I didn't talk to him before that. That is a scary, scary thought.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but not sure we will be able to celebrate as planned. We are at my parents now and Liz is home, and that is nice. Dad said he wouldn't talk to any of us if we didn't have Thanksgiving as usual. Silly Dad. Maybe that's where I got my feeling of never wanting to burden anyone with myself or any ailments that I may have. I can't imagine being handicapped for the rest of my life... and I can't imagine taking care of anyone that's handicapped for the rest of their life... but I guess you take everything in stride... just like everything else in life. Right???

So.... we've got 2 pumpkin pies in the oven and it was snowing a little tonight. I wonder if any of it will accumulate. I kind of hope it does.

Anyway, I need to go help Patrick with the stupid Dish crap now. BTW, I HATE them. They suck.

Here is a funny video:
Check it out!

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