Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It's Tuesday today, but it's really like my Monday. I took the day off yesterday because Patrick was off... because he was observing Veterans Day. Yeah.....

Anyway, we went horseback riding with his Dad on Sunday and it was so much fun! And the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Patrick's going pheasant hunting this weekend and then hunting season for 07 is OVER. Woohooo!!!!! :)

Thanksgiving is coming up next week!! I am so excited for the yummy food and it will be nice to see Liz too. I think Lexxi's excited too. Haha.

I also am looking forward to the Alta Xmas party!! I have a dress!! And I need to get some cute shoes and I am set! I'm excited...!!! I'm also excited to get some fun stuff for my makeup... yay!!! It's fun to dress up every now and then.

We went to the China Buffet tonight. We vowed to ourselves and each other this will be the only day that we will eat out this week. And I'm sticking to it. I am more full than I ever should be and will be workin' out with Billy Blanks in about an hour or so.

Anyway, I have laundry to do and a larger bag to find (for work). I wish there was a Macy's closer to our house! I also wish all stores stayed open 24/7. Haha....

Happy Tuesday peeps!

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  1. I posted on my blog I will try and be better now We will see.........


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