Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day Six.

Well, I missed a couple of days there, but that's a-okay. Today is the sixth day and I wish it were the last.... blah. But I'm hangin' in there and everything is gonna be okay. I have to get up earlier to let Lexxi out and feed them... and that is kind of kicking my ass. I have never been a morning person, not in the least... and so that sucks. Monday was not too bad but every day after that has been continually getting harder. Today, being the hardest day... lol. But, on the bright side... one more day left for me to get up early and then the next morning I get to sleep in. I cannot wait... really, I can't. So Patrick hasn't gotten a deer yet and honestly, it doesn't really sound like he will. Which is too bad for him but ideal for us because we don't have the freezer room yet! Ha. He plans on being home for supper on Sunday... and I am very much looking forward to that!!!

On Wednesday night, I saw the Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller. It was pretty darn funny. It got bad ratings but had HILARIOUS lines. Anyway, I do recommend seeing it... it's borderline theater/rental though. Alright, I have to jump in the shower now.... Lata!

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