Friday, October 19, 2007

Day Seven.

Today is Friday and what I thought would be 2 days to go... but it's actually only one! Patrick is coming home late tomorrow!!! Well, I guess that's technically 2 but let's just keep it at one.... I like it much better that way. I guess the guys he's "camping" with decided they will leave tomorrow instead of Sunday. It ruins my surprise dinner plans because I think they'll be getting in while I'm sleeping... but that's okay. I'm over it. He's coming home!!!!! I can't wait. Geez... it has been one long week. Exhausting!!!

I am so happy that it's finally Friday. Today is going to be a good day at work. P&P&P are all gone and that means... easy going times!!! I am excited for this day to be over too though... I started a movie last night that I never finished... "John Tucker Must Die". It was kind of entertaining... ha. Well, it's time for me to take a shower!!! Have a good Friday people!

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