Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well, I found out the video will be about a month and a half wait... and of course the same for pictures. The waiting is the worst!!! But I am thinking it will be worth it....

I did get a few "teasers" from the actual photographer's blog... and have posted them on my smugmug for all to see. They are fun... I love them. I can't wait to see them all.

As I was uploading them last night and today, I feel sort of sad about it all being over with already... and kind of find myself wishing it were the day before again. Is that weird??? After all the stress... I think I was just left with feelings of anxiousness, excitedness... good things. That is a feeling that I won't have again for a long time I don't think.... until I have a baby. Which won't be for a while either!!!

So looking back, it was the day I had envisioned since the day we got engaged. And all of the people that made it come together... I am forever indebted to them. Our families really came together for this wedding and it felt great. I am excited to get our pictures and video back.. and to begin working on our picture album!!!!

Going to make dinner for my parents tonight... pickup a few late presents and have a game I believe. Tomorrow is packing and laundry for Orlando and Friday AM we are off!!! I am excited for that too... it will be the first trip that Patrick & I embark on on our own... and first time as Mr. and Mrs. Oooh so exciting!!! He is so wonderful..... I'll have to post his toast once I get the video back. It was sooo sweet. Oh and my sister's toast too... heart-wrenching!!!

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