Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, we did it! We got married. :) Wow.... it doesn't really feel different yet... but I'm sure, with time, it will. I am very excited to begin our journey into this new life together... and I think Patrick feels the same way. It was amazing to see our work come together into one day .. and yes, it did fly by quickly. It was exciting and awesome all at the same time. The ceremony was surreal feeling... I didn't lose it at all... :) I did lose it for a couple of toasts but that was because they were beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see pictures and the video!!! So exciting... we're off to Florida on Friday and then back to work next week... but then off to Cancun in a week and a half. So the excitement continues....

Today we return rental items and such. I'm hungry.... time for a snack!!! Feels good to get the wedding over with but kind of sad it's all done now.... but so many more exciting things to look forward to now....! :) Talk soon!

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  1. You are now an old lady Mrs hahahahaha sucker.........

    Great wedding but thank god it went well and it is over i am so exhausted from the last 3 months whew!!!! :-)


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