Sunday, July 22, 2007

wishing it were Saturday...

I wish it were Saturday instead of Sunday ... and we could stay up late sorting and cleaning and not have to worry about getting our asses up tomorrow morning... for yet another day and week of work. BLAH!!!!

Well, can't remember what I posted about last (not that it was anything important anyway) but... I have my first dress fitting Tuesday night, going to Nickelback/Daughtry/Staind tomorrow night. Thursday night making programs with Len & Ann and Friday night drinking heavily. J/K. We have another shower coming up on Saturday, so no crazy drinking on Friday I guess. BLAH. I am starting to get excited for the big day now... the countdown seems to be going faster and faster and days are disappearing before my eyes. It is now under 50 days and still counting. Craziness. I am so excited to try my dress on with my shoes... it will be awesome I know. I love my dress.

So saw another movie that turned out to be weird... about lesbians. I am going to have to start reading more into the movies I put on my netflix list.. besides simply glancing at their covers. Oh well... lesson learned after the 2nd mishap. Poor Patrick. He's such a good sport. (love you dear)

I think I need to invest in a wrist pad for this keyboard... it's cutting into my wrists. ouchers.

Went mini-golfing with Sarah and Patrick on Saturday after the flower meeting at Bachman's with at-first-meeting-bitchy-then-somewhat-fakey-nice flower lady. We went to the new mini golf place in the MOA. It was fun. It was okay... the holes are very simple and what not, but I guess it was nice to just do it and have fun with it. Now we know what it's like! I did win a free round of golf, though, for getting a hole-in-one on the last hole! Yay me!!! I believe Patrick whooped our asses on that game. Whatever happened to letting the women win???! HUH?

Well, we are cleaning and sorting and I kind of abandoned Patrick, so I'm going to go finish helping him out with that....

oh and we got a new baby.... a baby kitty about 1 year old. Shhh! My parents don't know yet... it's technically against association rules, but ... there really is no association ... and no one really knows anyway... so ... yeah.... there are pics on my pics page! She's a sweetheart!! No name yet... still working on that one.... !

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  1. I don't know what you should name her. I think it will be a personality trait that will get you because if you go with looks it would be tiger I love her smacking Bent! So funny!


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