Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well, gas is UP again. $3.33 at PDQ, which is usually one of the cheaper gas stations. Blah.

Tried Solos pizza (for the 2nd time...but actually fresh at the place) and it was YUM! Some guy came in today giving us coupons for free pizzas and Taco & I went to try it out. It was fast and good! And a good size too... check it out!

Last night Patrick came home late so I made him my fave chicken dish and cupcakes!~ It all turned out pretty well and I must pat myself on the back. *pat pat*


Today is Wednesday and the day has gone by so fast already. I was busy since the minute I walked in here this morning and then before I knew it, it was lunch time!!! And a free one at that! I did spend most of the morning making a new freight quote sheet, but that's okay. Still work, right? ;-) I wanna be a candy tester or something. Anybody know anybody that can hook that up? hehe.

Mom's got her hair appt. tonight, so I'm going to meet her for that right after work. Jessie's good, so I'm sure she'll figure something out. Shake for supper tonight!!! And maybe take Lex to the dog park. Ohhh and we need to get to Best Buy to exchange our stupid router for one that works. I hope we can get that internet shit figured out soon, it's really pissing me off.

Ok, back to work.

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  1. i can help you out with the candy tester.............

    we start a business making candy and then you test it and also gain about 200 pounds!


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