Tuesday, July 10, 2007

excerpt from a post on brides.com

someone wrote:

You can totally lose weight in a month! I'd say 8-10 pounds reasonably (but I know you were hoping for a dramatic 15 pound drop). Here's what I do- I am on a mostly liquid or "soft" diet combined with intense daily cardio.

Monday through Friday I go to the gym about 3 times a day to cardio work on the eliptical & running machines (plus, I do stretching and crunches afterwards). I do my workouts at 1 hour intervals; for what I do, I burn 500 calories every hour. So it's typically 3-3.5 hours in the gym or 1500 calories (at least) burned per day.

All I eat is liquid or soft foods, and I never consume more than 500 calories per day. Here are some examples of what I eat along with their caloric values: coffee sweetened with splenda (o), Dannon Light'n'Fit yogurts (60), Jello pudding snacks (60), Kellog's Special K Bar (90), chicken broth (15), V8 Vegetable juice (70), Healthy Choice soups (200), and chew on sugarfree gum throughout the day to keep your tummy quiet.

Being on a liquid or "soft foods" diet in itself will help you shed pounds quickly, but when you combine it with the high intensity cardio your weightloss becomes an absolute miracle!!!!!!

If you want anymore suggestions on delicious and healthy foods just let me knowLaughing. Best wishes darling, you will be gorgeous!

Um... is that even healthy??? No more than 500 calories per day?????? Am I like the biggest pig on earth or is this chick out of her mind??? I want to lose weight just like every other bride...and everyone else that's not a bride...but damn........... I love food. REAL food. I think I'd pass out on less than 500 cals a day plus working off 1500 of those that you have ??? Damn.

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not healthy at all! she will get sooo sick


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