Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Frustrations

It's Monday today. That pisses me off all in itself. The weekend flew by again and I'm sitting at my desk again... wishing it were another weekend already. So far this week, I'm not in good shape. Blah.

I am getting frustrated with our wedding party. I don't know what's going on with all of them, but they need to get their shit in order. I hate having to remind them to send RSVP's back and little shit like that... I don't know why they think they don't have to respond to things?? Doesn't anyone send RSVP's back anymore??? WTF?

I'm hungry. I'm hungry for china buffet. LoL. Bad Anika. BAD. I don't want to work today either... blah.


  1. bad anika no china buffet! bad nanny!

  2. I feel the way you do on a Monday


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