Thursday, July 5, 2007

KDWB Mypod

Well, I just got done "recording" the Mypod stuff w/Lucas from KDWB. I sucked. Yeah....big time. I sucked it up. Totally. Oh well, whatever.... and no Mylo. :'( *WHINE*

Oh well...............

Yesterday we had the day off for Independence Day. I am pissed that it was in the middle of the week... it kind of ruins everything. And the fact that I can't really take days off before or after (thanks again Annholio)... that makes it suck more. Blah!

The only fireworks we saw were on the way home from my parents, in passing... and our neighbors right out our front door... they were shooting some big ones off... which was cool until I wanted them to knock off the noise. But they quit moderately early and I was content. I wish we could have stayed out later and could have gone to see more elaborate showing, but that's tough to do on a work night. Next year I hope it's not on a Wednesday or I can take the following day(s) off and I am going to get p-lowed. Ya, good plan, huh???

We did manage to make it out to the Delano fair for a bit...played some bingo and saw some little person vs. icky woman "wrestle". That was the strangest thing to see there. I just had to remind myself it was Delano. LoL. I won at Bingo! :) Yay... and we won a goldfish and some tiny crappy "stuffed" fish at another midway game. Those games are such crap...and expensive! Blah. We then went out to my parents for a yummy dinner and got home around 10. Patrick mentioned he just wanted to go home, get into the lovesac and relax. Well, he did just that and fell asleep while I watched 2 episodes of Will & Grace. I do love that show. It's funny.

We're going to go to a movie tonight. For some reason, I want to go sit in a freezing theater and watch a funny movie. It's nice to have one so close to our house. Haven't decided yet though if we'll go to Rogers Theater or St. Mich. We're going to see "License to Wed" w/Robin Williams. I don't care if it got bad reviews.... I wanna see it! End of discussion!

Okay, I guess my lunch hour is done with now. Peace out.


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    how did you upload your playlist? I cant seem to find how the heck you did that!


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