Monday, July 2, 2007

4th on a Wed. blows.

Well, this week we get a holiday day. Independence Day, the 4th of July...which is awesome... but, it lands on a Wednesday this week which just sucks!!! I can't take time off to extend into either of the weekends (because of Ann the HUGE b) and that makes it suck. I suppose I can't complain too badly because we do still get a day off... but it does suck it's in the MIDDLE. Gosh. Patrick has today and tomorrow off, so he has a nice long 5-day weekend. That lucky jerk. :) Love you sweetheart.

Had a pretty good weekend. Friday after a day of hell at Alta... we headed up north and got up there around 830 or 9. Boys went out fishing and Ann & I watched the kids and started drinkin'. We had 5 bomb pop shots over the course of the evening and beers in between. I was a hurtin' unit and hit my face on the boat crank because Lexxi can't stay untied from anything -- that little B. Anyway, slept in both mornings and it was awesome. I love to sleep in.... although the bed at home is a bit more comfy.

Today I'm back at work... and Len's back. WOOHOO!!! It's awesome to have her back... now just like a month or so more and Ann will be back again. Then I leave... but not for nearly as long as those two b's were gone. Woohoo!!!

Okay, back to the grind.

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  1. what is a bomb pop???????? never heard of that!

    haha you smacked your face? clutz! don't do that before the wedding you will look like a freak!


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