Thursday, June 14, 2007

My twenty-fifth birthday was wonderful. After work, we met my parents for dinner at Biaggi's. Dinner was DELISH and we even have dinner for tonight too! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed their dishes and I think we would go back again...besides the waitress being overly friendly. Too much helium or somethin'. Anyway, after dinner we enjoyed a nice treat at Coldstone. We ordered our own and sat down to indulge and I turn around and there is a candle in my ice cream. Patrick is so sneaky and thoughtful. What a sweetheart... he even had a lighter and lit it. They sang me happy birthday right there in coldstone and then I blew it out. SO CUTE. :) Thank you, Patrick. I think my parents had a good time too. I like to see that. It's harder for them to cut loose and enjoy life... compared to me of course. :-P Patrick & I then headed to Jared's... he had gotten me this GORGEOUS necklace... but I wasn't sure it was me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my engagement ring... and will LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding band... but... that's about as flashy as I get. I also am not too comfortable with having something more expensive hanging on my neck ... so I chose smaller less-expensive jewelry pieces and LOVE them as well. Okay, time to work just wanted to write about my 25th.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time on your B'day....You deserve it! Love you!

  2. You are too old to enjoy food anymore with your false teeth!


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