Friday, June 8, 2007

It is a wonderful day today. It's Friday!!! I am in a great mood today. I woke up early for some odd reason, still got off to a little later start than I wanted, but that always happens. Anyway, tonight we go to Tim & Faith... I can't wait! I even burned us both a little T/F cd to jam to today. Our new computer burner is fast! It's sweet. Anyway, I wanted to curl my hair this morning but didn't have time...even though I got up a good 1/2 hour before I normally do. Oh well... oh well. I have things I wanted to blog about but I don't remember now. I am hoping that we make it up north this weekend but not so sure. My throat is bothering me. It's only on one side and I hope it's not throat cancer. BLAH. So I still haven't sold my broken laptop... and Pat hasn't sold his "Big Red" yet... so we are still waiting for buyers for those two items. I actually have a lot of crap that I could sell. I would have a garage sale but I am unable to take any time off between now and August something... and that makes it hard... and I would feel stupid having one at my townhouse! I haven't really discovered any neighbors that are all that friendly. Hmm...anybody know what license plates that are white with blue writing - and start with "WP" means??? I tried to look that up forever yesterday and didn't come up with anything. Bugs. It is truly a beautiful day out and I'd love to go sit outside but... there isn't a picnic bench out in the front anymore. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay, these are the times I wish I still smoked...just to get outside. I'm going to start taking "fresh air" breaks. :)


  1. jessmcarlson4:29 PM

    Hi Anika - don't smoke!!! Haha - and it always bothered me when I was 16 and working at the mall how everyone at the store could take a five minute break every hour to smoke, but when I wanted to go outside, just to go outside and not deal with socks (that's right, I worked at Socks Galore), it was unacceptable because I had no "good reason"... yes I did!!! To get fresh air - der!!! Anyways...

  2. Pooks I am so jealous re: T/F Butthead Instead of a garage sale why not post on craigslist???? Or does that not work or bad idea???
    I don't know. Yea.........i figured out how to post sorry now i got it down


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