Monday, June 25, 2007

I want to pull my hair out. I swear, if I wasn't getting married in a little over 2 months, I would. I'd pull it all out. Why? Because it would somehow make me feel better.

I am getting so frustrated with everything at work these days. It makes me want to quit. Not good. Definitely not good.

I've found myself looking to food for comfort. This is something else that is definitely NOT good. I am trying to watch myself but it gets really hard. Going through a week has been really hard lately. It sucks.

Almost time to get back to work. It's almost like my brain goes dull when I'm at work now.... I don't care as much. And it shows. I've made more mistakes in the past month than I have as long as I've even worked here. It's crazy. It's bad. I hate it.

Anyway, Len comes back next week. That should help out a bit. I kind of see a foggy, fuzzy... VERY faint light at the end of this tunnel... it's been a long one though... and I can barely breathe anymore.


  1. i just don't understand why they have not even provided a carrot to you so you see you are being appreciated for working so damn hard. companies can be so dumb....what a $25 gift certificate would be great just an acknowledgment!

  2. I agree with Sarah. You deserve to have some sort of compensation for doing the amount of work that two people normally do. That place would be hurting if you weren't there!

    Love You

  3. I was thinking more........You would look hot bald! Do it! Pat would love those wedding pictures.


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