Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I had the strangest dream last night. Sarah, I already told you ... but I must put it down in my blog!!!

I dreamt that Patrick and I were stuck in a boarding school with gates and they would not let us out because we were not ".900" or above. There were lists with main names but that wasn't good enough. It was so strange... and to top it off... we were there with life-size Berenstein Bears. Does anyone remember those??? lol....

And no, I didn't "drop" acid before going to bed, thank you very much.

Got some invitations addressed last night. Go me! :)
Patrick did a wonderful job at cutting the other parts of the invites. So helpful. The BEST Fiance anyone could ask for, for sure!! HANDS DOWN!!


  1. Well I will support your statement he is the best fiance once I receive my real BMW or Lexus Until then he is on shaky ground.

  2. They didn't deliver that to you yet? I ordered it with custom paint and rims months ago. Hmmm. That's weird.


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