Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Yay! Another humpday! It's shitty weather out today and I am feeling blah. Completely blah.
I have no great motivation to keep up with my work here today... and that sucks. I feel icky... I feel fat. Ugh. I am looking forward to another weekend... that is all that keeps me going. LOL. I am so sick of not having internet at home... it blows. And then I have to try and find time during the day while I'm not being 'watched' and get on here. Sucks. Oh well.................... life could definitely be worse!!!

So my hair is going to be going black in about a month or so. Maybe 2. I am wanting to do it 2x to ensure it's BLACK. I'm excited. I have a week or so where I was freaking out about the wedding... I am feeling much better about it having had made a list and realized we're not that bad off after all.

So much for taking Lex to the dog park tonight. Hopefully rain during the week means sun during the weekends, for once...please?!

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  1. I'll believe this black hair when I see it!


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