Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hooray! Patrick sold the boat! :)

Another weekend has come and gone and I am almost in bed to greet another Monday. Blah. I loathe Mondays.

Friday we saw Tim & Faith. I'll put a few of the non-horrible pictures up on the pics page sometime this week when I have a spare moment. The show itself was awesome, but the pictures are horrid. Faith is such a great performer...I love her. Tim did well too but Faith definitely stole the show.

Saturday we saw the Shrine Hall set up in the morning and hit up the farmers market. We had roasted corn on the cob. YUM. Then we headed up north for the night.

I got drunk on Saturday night. I feel it today. Blah.

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend, but looking back ... they always seem way short.


  1. Uhhhhhhhh i thought i made my blog private how can i tell i had invited you and tumor and that was it.......we can invite petunia too but i did not know his address.. is there a way we can check??

    oh and yeah rub it in butthead i sure would have enjoyed that concert your hangover is your PUNISHMENT

  2. Yeah, it went fast, but it was a great weekend! Love you......


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