Monday, June 11, 2007


That is how I feel today. Completely and utterly...BLAH.

I am extremely tired today. Was up much too late and this past weekend threw off my sleep schedule. Never good. I watched an episode of "Army Wives" last night, and it was good. I think I'm hooked.

The weather outside I guess is humid and I'm not going to find out until I leave today at 530. Oh well. I kind of want it to storm.

Everyone seems to be annoying me today here. One of them can't shut their mouths for one second. Other people are just lazy. And others are just annoying all the time. Or a combo of the above. Sometimes I wish I worked in my own office in an entirely different I can dream, right? A building just for me? haha

Well, I have like 10 minutes left during my lunch hour. I brought my wedding bag today but not sure exactly why. I am anxious to get the invitations out, but know it is going to be a big job addressing them and all that, so I think I'm unconsciously procrastinating.

I wish I had months off like Ann & Len. I should have gotten knocked I guess. :-P

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  1. no knocked up! nonono can you imagine mom and dad? holy crap that would be interesting. let me give you a hint.....earplugs.....they work very well! I use them 70% of the day sometimes more. I block out big mouth.

    Again I will address your invitations but you are being greedy and not letting me help! >:o


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