Monday, September 17, 2012

New Family Member!!!

This bugger showed up early last week. Happy Anniversary to us!!!! It has gotten use from all of our family members already and it's a hit, fo sho. We have watched movies on it, played games {lots of games!}, checked our email, surfed the web, taken pics and video and done Facetime with Gaga Mary & Auntie Liz! I left it at home today {we are getting our 'protective case' tonight} and I already have separation anxiety. ;) It's so awesome that we can stream Amazon Instant Prime videos/movies on it through their app and also watch movies that we've already purchased through Amazon on this wonderful piece of technology!!!! We also spent a little time with the Kindle ... I think that will become B's main piece of technology now. This iPad will remain center stage only until this Friday... when I will hopefully get my hands on my new iPhone 5!!!!! Yes, I'm a nerd. Yes, I was due for an upgrade. Yes, I ♥ Apple stuff. Yes, I'm poor now. ;)

We did more than just spend quality time with the electronic family members, we were somewhat productive also!!!! {yes, we are sort of slobs, but we're trying not to be!} The kitchen table and countertops are nearly clear. The dishes are not piled up by the sink. {good job, P-Daddy-Dawg!} I got like 5 loads of laundry done {should have been more, I know!!!}, cleaned up Bennett's closet and room and it feels amazeballs in there. Can we just move into his room? No? Crap. Started going through more of B's ridiculous amount of toys and started making piles for sale and Goodwill. He has lots of toys. Holy crap the kid has toys. I need to simplify my life and I am sick of all of the clutter in our lives!!!! It felt really good to get Bennett's room cleaned and organized... so I am trying to focus on that feeling of completion and move forward onto the next room - his playroom downstairs!!!! It was so cluttered that you couldn't even really play in there. SIGH. Now you can! :) We also need to work on Gaga Mary's room as I do believe she will be staying with us in a little bit here {stupid Bowhunt Camp is coming up}. It'd be a challenge to get to her bed to sleep in it. Embarrassed to even talk about it. Blah. Sooooooooooooooo anywho........ simplifying our lives is a big challenge!!!! But it will feel awesome when done, I just know it. :)

What did you do this weekend???


  1. You took videos and pics with it? I said not too, haha :P. Glad you love it. It's beautiful! And iPhone 5, I'm so jealous! Great job cleaning up, simplifying is a great idea!

  2. Nice!!!!! What a great gift.....I am so behind on anything electronics. LOL!!!!

    THanks for sharing :)

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  3. I am jealous :) I have to wait until Christmas to get my Ipad, but its worth the wait. I'm a new follower from the the GFC blog hop.

  4. Awesome!! At first I thought it was a new MacBook, but the iPad is way cooler! I really really want one. I love Apple too and do have a MacBook and an iPhone4. I won't be upgrading since my phone is only a little over a year old. My dad pre-ordered one though so it'll be cool to play around on his to see what's changed. He's been wanting an iPad and I've been saving little by little to buy him one for Christmas. But now with him getting the new phone, maybe Santa should buy one for me instead. ;)

    Awesome job with the cleaning and simplifying! I've been working on it too little by little. It's definitely motivating when you see progress. How do kids accumulate so much stuff??? Oh yeah, we buy it for them! Ugh!


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