Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm so damn EXCITED!!!!!
I just ordered this bad boy...
If you didn't know {i'm sure you don't!!! lol}... it's our 5 Year Anniversary in just...
Haha. This picture makes me laugh. 
We did these pictures for table numbers... {there are many things i would do differently now!!!!}

Anyway... we decided we would purchase the new iPad for a gift to each other. I have been drooling over the iPad since the first one came out so I cannot even try to explain how excited I really am!!!! I know we will use the CRAP out of the thing... and I'm sure B will enjoy it as well. And yes, I will still use my Kindle!!!! 

Do you have an iPad? 
What's your favorite app?


  1. LOL trust me, your kindle will slowly make its way to the place where all discarded technology goes to die (your basement or a shelf) hahahaha

    and happy anniversary!

  2. SO jelly!!! I know if we got one, Liam would claim it for his own and be on it like 24/7. It's bad with our iPhones... he always asks for them and we always give in. Yeah - we are bad parents. LOL But at the same time he LOVES reading books, so I think he gets a good mix of technology AND good, ol' fashioned learnin' stuff.

    happy early anniversary!! That's such a cute idea with the table numbers. Albeit a BIT cheesy... LOL

  3. Well congratulations! We just 'celebrated' our third. Many blessings to you!

    Hannah @ HurleyLove

  4. Congrats on the new toy!!! Don't be one of those ppl that take photos or videos with it. That's silly


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