Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to Basics

Lately, I have been quite active in the Blog World... and Twitter.
It's awesome and feels great to connect with so many new people, but...
I feel like I have lost track of what my blog is really meant to be.
It's an account of my life and those in it. 
It's not just fun link-ups or blog hops...
And I haven't actually sat down and read any of my old daily read blogs.
{i know, bad !!!}
So... back to basics.

It has been so fun to connect with new people!!!
But, I can't lose sight of where it all started and who read my blog before you were required to just to enter a giveaway. ;)

I'm kind of a random person and my focuses tend to shift quite a bit...
And my blog reflects that.

So, bear with me !!!

{...runs off to read my good ol' daily reads aka my fave mommies!!!}


  1. Another blogger has been thinking the same. She wrote that she's "taking back her blog" because blogging is more than just posting. Can't wait to see what's up next for you! Tks for reading my blog!

  2. I have been slacking on reading...but then again...Ive been trying to stay off the computer when kids are awake and Im tired at night. Ya I need to catch up with my fav. Mommies too! :)

  3. Oh girl, we've all been there! When I start being a shallow blogger, and post boring things, I can feel a void enter me. Because I really care about the genuine blog world. I hate when you have to like blogs for giveaways, and there are like 105 entries to earn, like every blog ever. Are you really ever going to read those? It's not all about numbers! and there was my rant!

  4. I like the bit of info you gave because it describes me so much, "I'm kind of a random person and my focuses tend to shift quite a bit...
    And my blog reflects that.

    I think everyone lately is on this kick of getting their blogs back on track with who or what they really wanted to be or portray.

    I was talking to a good friend on Friday night ans she said to me that 2012 isn't the end of the world, it's a year for big changes...


    Happy changing...or getting back to basics!

    Kim M.


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