Friday, August 17, 2012

B Says...

While sitting on the potty {Bennett, not me :-P}, we were discussing birthdays.
Gaga Mary's Birthday is coming up really soon!!! {August 23rd!!!}
So I asked B what he thought would be a good birthday present for her.
I told him it should be a really special present...
After thinking about it for a bit {with his finger on his chin}..
he came to a conclusion.

What a thoughtful young man B is.

You want to know what he thought would be a good present for Daddy?

A Shark

And don't think for a minute he doesn't know what a shark is like, or really is. 
He continued to talk about it saying "they eat people".

Poor Daddy.

I think Gaga Mary wins this one.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday...

I'm on my way out the door to play with my boys!!!

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  1. He's so cute with his answers! A car would be great but I think she'd settle for a hug and kiss ;)


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