Thursday, July 19, 2012

What up Homeslice?

It's Thursday and I am tired.
I am working on a slight redesign here and am pretty pleased with how it's coming along so far!

We were in Chicago this past weekend visiting my Sister and the Godfatha {her Hubby} - post to come!

I did a guest post over at Crazy Beautiful Life for Sarah while she's on vacay. Super fun!

I haven't had a chance, yet, to sit down and get my sh** together yet {ie. pictures, recipes, my life} but like everything else... I am a work in progress!

I am happy & proud to report that I have logged DAILY in my Gratitude Journal since I started. 
Yes, it's only been like a week, but still!!!! I must work on my consistency!!

I have a headache {from my extended-one-glass of red wine last night?}.

I noticed I have a few new followers, probably thanks to that fun Giveaway.
Welcome to the randomness!
Look forward to checking out all of your blogs soon!!!

If I hit 50 followers, I think I should do a fun little giveaway myself.
We are headed over to a friends' house tonight to play with B and Lexxi in tow!
Should be a fun night, especially since the weather has decided to shape up!!
{it's been a little cloudy/stormy the past couple of days. Ish}

Sooooooooooooooo anywhooooo
talk to y'all lata!
Have a GREAT Thursday evening!

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