Monday, July 9, 2012

Independence Day

It was a HOT 4th of July for us!!
It was so hot our plans were kind dumped.
We had planned to go to a local parade and fair and then head over to a coworker's annual 4th party but we didn't feel like dragging poor B around on such a hot day!!!
Instead, we had my Parents over for a nice, relaxing day which involved lovely A/C and great food, a couple games of pinochle and, of course, Octonauts {B's current TV obsession}.
We didn't do much, we didn't even see live fireworks {not only was it disgustingly hot, but the mosquitoes have been horrible this year...} but B did get to watch fireworks on television with Gaga Mary ... on a blanket on the floor, just as if they were in a park.
yummy pie my Momma made!!!

B's cheesy smile next to the dessert, of course

B showing some spirit!

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