Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kids' Day at the office

the Magician! ...can you spy B in the sea of children?
HINT: he's wearing a green shirt! ;)

the kids are interested! lots of open mouths!

our little buddy, Mika, with a balloon flower {made by her Daddy♥}


Cheeto Hands!

Buddies ♥

One of the "prizes" the kids all got one with their name on it... AND B also took home his very own Cars lego set!!! Lucky kid!

The group!

The aftermath... and this was after a little clean-up on the floor even! 

It was a great morning for ALL of the kids. They found out there are a total of 51 kids at our office - and there are probably around 30 actual employees. Not all of them were here today because some are a bit too old to enjoy such things, but we had a strong showing this AM for the fun festivities! I feel privileged to be part of an office that can do something like this for our families.

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