Monday, May 21, 2012

New Blog Buddy: Intro

I have met some awesome people through blogging.
There is a new thing I've noticed among blogs... "sponsors".
I have linked up with some of my favorite bloggers on my sidebar, but I have come across more and would like to introduce you to them as I add them. :)

Say Hello to Cynthia over at Ramblings of a Brunette.

Cynthia says:
My name is Cynthia. I am a Californian at heart but now live in the Mid-West. I just got over the bump of learning how to balance High School and College at the same time, now entering college with a head start. I am very family oriented and now have became a huge health freak. Just a few months ago I was the worst cook ever, but now I've became the biggest recipe freak ever. I am obsessed with Zebra patterns and vintage.

Head over there and say Hello!!! Her button is on my sidebar. :)

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope your weekends were filled with lotsa good stuff. :)

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