Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless[ish] Wednesday

So this past weekend, Daddy P was occupied with the Northwest Sports Show [to promote and do some market research for their company, HSP Marine - if you guys have a boat, check it out !! ;)] Anyway, while he was busy doing that, Gaga Mary & Papa Bob, B & Myself tried to go to a couple of Easter egg hunts near our house. The 1st we tried to go to was supposed to go from 10-12. We arrived around 11 and they had already finished it. Excuse me, what??? So we headed on to the next one and it was pretty much a chaotic joke. Easter egg hunt? No way. They would take the gathered eggs from the bins at the redemption table [10 eggs=1 bag of crappy candy] and literally dump them in a pile not 50 feet away from the table. The line to see the Easter bunny was way too long, especially since the weather was very poorly forecasted. It was supposed to be like 65 and sunny and instead it was like 50 and super windy. Brrr! We were not prepared for such weather... so we will be skipping visiting with Mr. Easter Bunny this year. Oh well. 
Bennett didn't care much for the Easter egg "hunt" anyway... he was a little shaken up by the other children and the chaos of it all. Maybe he'll be more excited about it next year. :) 
We are going to have our own at my Parents' for Easter anyway... maybe he'll be more eager when it's with people he knows and a familiar location!!!! He loves running around Gaga & Papa Steffl's!!!

Auntie L & Uncle M are coming to town late Friday night. We are excited!!!!

What are your plans for this weekend??

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  1. Yay for egg hunt. We didn't do anything special


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