Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What would your shirt say?

I have always felt like typing things out is easier than actually speaking the words. I usually post things about my family, mainly my Son. Every now and again, though, I will feel the need to post something else, something more personal. I find it a little ... therapeutic?

I started watching Glee when I got my Amazon Prime membership because you can stream it for free [which is totally awesome btw!]. I'm on Season 2, and I just love the show. I love the music, the characters, the storyline, everything. I'm a Gleek.  

Anyway, I just watched Season 2: Episode 18 "Born This Way" - yes, that's in reference to Gaga's song. 
They screenprinted tees that had words of things they were born with that they found themselves to be ashamed of. It got me thinking, what would I have mine say? And why do we feel so ashamed of things we were born with? Why is there such pressure from society to be a certain type of person, to look a certain way, to think a certain way. 

I have struggled with my feelings about myself for as long as I can remember. I struggle to find pride within myself. I was adopted when I was about 3 months old and raised in a mostly-white area. I know nothing about my heritage and don't have the pride that I think I should. I am always struggling with my weight and always feel guilty when I eat unhealthily. I always feel like people are judging me for everything and usually don't ever voice my opinion if it's not the majority. I am working on having more faith in myself, my ideas, my choices. It's a bumpy road, but I know the journey is well worth it. I hope it doesn't take the rest of my life to realize that I don't have to prove anything to anybody but myself. Life isn't a competition, nor a race but somehow it feels like that to me far too often. I have had depression issues in the past and sometimes let the wallowing take over, but I feel every day is a little bit better.

My shirt would say: BODY IMAGE

What would yours say?


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