Thursday, November 10, 2011

still ill :(

B is still sick. I put a call into the Dr's office yesterday because the mornings are the worst part!!! After lying down the entire night, all of the mucus seems to get clogged up and his coughing is horrendous. Poor B. Anyway, they said you can give .5-1 tsp. honey to help unclog the mucus, etc. but we haven't tried that as it seems like his cough and mucus-friends are finally departing! I'm not sure he would even swallow it anyway. He isn't even a huge fan of popsicles and I tried to give him some warm chocolate milk the other day and he didn't want to drink that either. He's kinda picky. Anyway, no trip to the Dr. needed yet, thank goodness. His poor little nose and nose area are all red and irritated from nose-wiping and all that jazz. Poor B!!! It is truly sad to see my little guy under the weather. I am trying to stay healthy... with Emergen-C, Cough Drops, Vitamin C drops, Naked Juice, Hot Tea, Hot Lemon/Honey Water, all the good stuff. So far, so good. I think our Chi trip will still be on!!!! *crosses fingers & toes*

It snowed here last night... and this morning. Just flurries, but yes, snow. I'm not ready.

I found a dress for my company's holiday party last night on my shopping trip to the MOA with my Momma. We found it in under 30 minutes....that's gotta be some sort of record!!!! Now I am on the hunt for a cute gold and/or red shrug thingy as I would like to also wear it for Christmas itself!!!! I love multi-purpose buys. This is a dress that can be worn for many, many occasions. Can be dressed up or down and I LOVE it! So happy with my purchase, can you tell??? I can't seem to find it online but I will try to post a pic from the party. We plan on getting a hotel room downtown the same night to take full advantage of the night out on the town. :) I'm excited!!! Lots of things on the calendar between now and Christmas!!!!! We don't have a free weekend. I have mixed feelings about that.

VS is having their awesome panty sale right now... I am on my way to grab 7 for myself. 7 for 26.00$. WHOOP WHOOP. :) I love their panties and this deal just cannot be passed up. Can you have too many undies?

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday and it continues into the evening.... pulled pork sandwiches tonight!!!! Thanks Mom!!! [for manning the slow cooker today..oh, and also manning B ;)]



  1. So much to say! First, so sorry that B still isn't feeling well. I really think it's just as hard on the mommies when little guys are sick.

    Love that you found a dress so fast - that's definitely a record! :)

    Thanks so much for mentioning the VS sale. I'll definitely be heading over there because you're totally right - you can't have too many!

  2. First, I'm so sorry B is still sick. It's so sad to our little's that way. Second, I just realized your blog isn't on my blogroll anymore. I don't know how that happened?!? I kept thinking it's been a really long time since you've posted. Oops!!! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.


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