Friday, October 14, 2011

LA LOO, Friday!

I am thrilled that it's finally Friday. These past couple of weeks at work have been HECTIC. We got a new system and I have been training another woman here and have been busy playing catch-up on all sorts of other things in the office. Fun times! :-P I have been really enjoying B's company lately... he is so funny and such a great kid. He has been saying more and more things and it's just amazing and wonderful to watch. We tell him... "Love you!" and he will throw his arms up and squeeze his little fingers and say "La Loo!" It's ADORABLE. I need to get a video of it... wait, I have one kind of showing it... I was trying to get him to say "Love you, Liz!" for my sis that lives in Chi, but he wasn't feeling it at the time. Oh well....


  1. How insanely precious is he? I just want to squish his little face :) (in a good way, obvs!)

  2. He's getting so big!!! Super duper cute!! Aww sorry to hear things have been hectic, but hope everything gets better :)


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