Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disciplining a Toddler is impossible?

Alright, it's been a long time since I posted a real, solid post. My apologies.

Life has been swallowing me up lately...
We had a wedding last Saturday for P's cousin and then he and his Dad left for Alaska on Sunday morning. My Dad went to the hospital on Monday morning for chest pains and was released Tuesday. He passed all tests with flying colors!!! The Dr. said it was not his heart {THANK YOU, JESUS!} We are all glad it was nothing serious but also thankful he was able to put his manliness and stubbornness aside to go in and get it checked out! Both of my Parents work way too hard yet and I try to get them to relax as much as possible. This is a nearly impossible task, btw.

Speaking of impossible...

Disciplining Bennett is impossible. I don't know what to do at this point?!

First of all, I want to start by saying that he is all around a good little boy. I understand that when he gets tired or hungry it's hard for him to control his emotions as he is still a little boy. BUT that being said, I want desperately for him to grow up and be a well-behaved older little boy and young man. I do NOT want one of those children that's screaming in the store, or throwing food in the restaurant because you didn't order him what he wanted. I do believe this is one of my worst fears and I'm just not sure how to achieve this. He has NOT done any of this but I want to do my best to prevent said events! I have tried to do the TO thing, but he just laughs and laughs so it's hard for me to believe he's understanding it, or that my message is getting through at all. He does get a little dramatic when we tell him "No" lately... sometimes with full-on crying spells that are very, very, VERY hard to ignore. Heartbreakingly hard to ignore!

So..... what do you all do with your little almost-2 babes??? Or what have you done with your older kids when they were younger???

Hoping for some help!!!! Thanks Mommies, in advance!! :) Happy Thursday!


  1. OMG, I TOTALLY know what you are going through. I wish I had some answers for you. Liam will blatantly disobey me or ignore when I tell him to stop doing something. We have become immune or conditioned to his crying spells due to the frequency of them that they do not really affect us any more. We have been employing TOs, but I don't know how much they help. I'm still giving it some time, but I'm trying to stay with it. If you come up with any solutions, please, PLEASE share on your blog! I will also report on any successful methods. Stay strong and good luck! We all need it at this point!! I am not looking forward to the 2's!!! haha

  2. YAY I figured out the stupid commenting was a cookie thing.

    Anywho......this age is tough. I have been there and I am still there!!! Every single day is an endless stream of "use your words" "make your voice sound like mommies" "calm your voice and your body down" and ect. We are huge on usings words over here. Ignoring all other behavior outside of tantrums...but its SOOOOOO hard and yes heart breaking but you are doing them a favor, remember that. You dont him to think he gets his way by that behavior you said it yourself!! You are such a good mommmie A and like your friend above says if you find a sure fire way SHARE!!!!!! XO

  3. Good post, A. Our little guys are becoming more and more receptive to everyday life and the big world and are testing their limits. I think at this point, being consistent with disciplining tactics such as time outs and communicating to them when they do bad things is exactly what will set them up to not being that kid in the restaurant who throws food or freaks out in the grocery store. Both are unavoidably going to happen though as they are toddlers but I think a child who is disciplined at home consistently may have less or know how to better handle situations that upset them.

    I won't mention names but I knew/know a parent who did not ever follow through. They would send their child to time out but that child would be up 2 seconds later. Mother ignored the fact that her child did not go into time out like he was told. She did not take the time to follow through with her words. Other times, she would tell him that he doesn't get this or that because he did "this." Well, he ended up getting it, 99% of the time. Mom cried wolf too many times so child never took her seriously when it came to disciplining. You get my drift.

    At this young age, I think teaching them when something they did was wrong and being consistent about it is the best kind of discipline, whether it be with time outs or talking to them. I make E look at me when I tell him what he did was not nice. He may not get every word I'm saying but if I keep doing it, he will eventually.

    Sorry for the long comment!


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