Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. Dream job...realistic and completely unrealistic.
Realistic Dream Job: Professional Photographer [I will be going back to school next year!!!]
Completely unrealistic: Professional Actress/Musician - it'd be a trip for sure!!!  
2. Do you fart in front of your significant other?
This is probably super gross and TMI but yes... P and I are probably far too comfortable with each other...!!! :-P

3. What's the furthest you've ever traveled from home? How far and where was it?
I have never been too far from home... I have been to Florida, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico... that's about it. And yes, I was born in S. Korea but I don't think that counts because I have yet to return. :)

4. How do you celebrate birthday for your kids? Family only or friends? ... Alternate for those without kiddos: How did you celebrate birthdays as a kid?
For right now, just family since he doesn't really have any little buddies YET. I may have to think about changing that this year.. but how does that work then when you haven't met the children's parents??? Skip them? 

5. Fave thing about fall?
Everything. I love the smells, the temperature, the clothing, the events, everything!!!!

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