Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still here!

We are still around... just Mommy hasn't gotten her stuff in order as of late and really needs to do that. #MommyFAIL

On the upside of things, my face is healing and makeup is one of my closest friends! :)

One of my co-workers asked me if I was some sort of fast-healing alien. Hehehe It was a male co-worker. duh

Daddy P took B off to Daycare and lately we've gotten into being happier when transferring from Mommy's arms to Daddy's. I always ask for a Goodbye hug and Goodbye kiss before they head out. This morning B said "Mommy...Buh-Bye" I melt.

B is talking and mimicking more and more. And the kid is a serious riot. Seriously. Daddy P calls him his "Hambone". Still not sure quite what that means but it's kinda cute. lol

Sadly, I haven't taken many pictures of him too recently [must change this!] but I did take a video last night. Check it out!!!!

Also, Mommy started a "Moo" [moon] painting for B last night. I will have to post that once finished. :) I'm just hoping he knows what I'm trying to paint and doesn't look at it with pure perplexity. Hehe

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  1. B has the best smile ever. He takes after his momma!

    Dale calls Everett a "hambone" too. It really doesn't make any sense but it sounds hilarious. We started calling Everett's upper/inner thighs his hambone too. He loves it when I tell him that I'm gonna get his hambone!


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