Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Caught up on reading!

Could it possibly be?? Could I be caught up on my blog reading?? I AM!!! HOORAY!!!!

Anyway, now I just need to do a few other things... like blog about Bennett's 15 mo. stats and blog about my banner.. along with fixing my banner [his ear is chopped up] and creating a new signature. Ahhh... so simple yet can't find time to do it. Blah!!!!!

I will try to get a better video of B if he continues his Footloose act tonight!!!! He's so funny these days!!!! Just a complete riot!!! Although, he gets himself so wound up that it has gotten tough to get to sleep.... this kid really plays hard!

Have I mentioned that I am just waiting anxiously for him to start speaking words??? He babbles so much now that I am just waiting for him to start speaking full sentences.  :)

Alright.... HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!

PS Sorry about the same type of picture...as yesterday... it's hard for me to take pics all the time so they are usually on Sat & Sundays!!!! I need to get better at that....!!!!! MORE PICS ALL THE TIME! :) I should carry it all over..I need a more compact bag. Adding it to the list of crap I need to get/do!!! 

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