Monday, March 28, 2011


I am so behind in reading all of your wonderful blogs. Man. Guilt. I also need to post about my banner... which is super easy but I need to sit my butt down and do it. My wonderful Husband finally fixed our space bar on our laptop at home and that will really help because man... it's super tough to type without one! :-P

I have been so busy trying to organize things for my Sister's Bridal Shower in a couple of weekends. I think there is only one more weekend before the actual event. :::sweats bullets::: I hope everything turns out well!!!!!

Anyway, I also need to post B's 15 mo. appt stats. Geez.......... I feel like I'm months behind here... will work on getting up to speed!!!!

Waiting for Spring to break through!!!!!! Can't wait to feel those sunny 40-50 degree days!!!! No more of this 20-30's. Ick!!!! WE WANT SPRING!!!! :)

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. :)


  1. Its about time you posted....LOL. I check my dashboard for you every day! I am excited to read you are going to let us all know how you did your banner, WAY too cute, warning though I think I will steal it too!!! I am right there with you on needed spring to come asap!

  2. Love the banner!

    And for the record, I always feel like I'm playing catch up!

  3. I want Spring too...we skipped straight to summer and it's like, 90 here! Too hot for March! This summer may be miserable. Although, I would prefer that to 20-30's!

  4. Wow! How did you spacebar break? We had a taste of warmer weather for a minute, but it keeps getting colder here. OK, well "cold" for me is what you consider warm! lol! I spent too much time living in the south!

  5. I always love seeing pictures of B. You need to post more of him! :-D I always show my husband photos of B on your blog and he thinks he is so cute. He's always like, "wow, he is one super handsome boy." And he doesn't always say that to all babies. ;) But then again, he may be a little biased to half Korean babies.


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