Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Vent.

Okay I just have to vent really quickly!!!

After I failed at going to the Minute Clinic, I picked up Panera for lunch b/c who doesn't love Panera?? And soup while you're feeling sick is AWESOME. Anyway... so the lady at the register takes my card for payment {my Wells Fargo visa card} and looks at the card and starts oohing and aahing over how cute "she" is. She showed it to the cashier next to hear and mentioned how cute "she" is. Then she asks me if it's my daughter. Excuse me?

Does this look like a girl to you???


  1. He certainly does NOT look like a girl!! That would upset me too! I once had a woman ask me what his name is and then say,"oh, he doesn't look like a Jack." Well that's his name and I'm not going to change it because you don't think it fits him! People need to keep their comments to themselves! I hope you straightened her out and made her feel bad!

  2. Ugh - so frustrating! B most definitely does not look like a girl!

    People are just dumb. A could be wearing a bow in her hair and a pink dress, and some dumbass will confuse her for a boy. Puh-lease.

    Don't take it personally!

  3. Um, he's wearing camo pants...

    B does NOT look like a girl at all! Silly people and their dumb remarks.

    Hope you all feel better - being sick is the worst. Spring is on the way!

    {oh, and I love "uff da" by the way. hilarious!}

  4. Not good! People always ask us our our "little guy" is doing. They see the helmet and assume she's a boy. Even when she wearing all pink or purple OR has a bow in her hair!!

    People can be dumb!

    I hope you feel better!!

  5. Oh geez. He doesn't look like a girl...and totally looks all boy in that picture. Lame.

    We get comments all the time about how adorable "she" is....from day one. I'm assuming its his long lashes and his ton of hair. We always got it with Cameron too. I could have him in a blue outfit with cars and trucks on it...or footballs...and we would still get the "she is so cute" comments.


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