Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bennett's 1st Birthday Party

My little baby boy turned 1 over the weekend....

I think his party went well!

There was a little hiccup with his cake order... but it was all okay in the end.  Momma may have had a little bit of a breakdown over it, but I recovered. :)

Here are some pictures from the big day!

...and when I say some... I mean A LOT. Sorry kids, I had a little trouble passing over too many!

 it's my what day??

 wow! i'm excited!!!

 Birthday breakfast!

 Auntie Sarah helping with last minute ribbons!

 Grandma Steffl made little "1" and animal cookies!

 The second cake!!!
(this thing was YUMMY)

 B's little "smash cake"

 The Haul

 Shy B after waking up from his long nap!

 Talking to Grandma Sylvia

 All these presents are for me???

 Where do I begin?

 I need a break.... 

 With Daddy & Grandpa Mike

 With Daddy & Mommy

 With Grandma & Grandpa Steffl

 With Grandma Sylvia & Daddy

 With Grandpa Mike & Grandma Colleen

 With Auntie Sarah!

 This was the only time he really cried... when we were singing Happy Birthday to him.

 Trying it ...

 liking it...

 Digging in

 Happy Birthday, B!

 Lexxi wanted to join in the festivities too!

 B wanted to share with Grandpa Steffl

 Opening presents

 The hit present... Elmo's World phone!!! He ignored most every other toy after getting this one out of the locks & chains that kids' toys come in these days.

Man, this party stuff is hard work!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE all of the pictures!!

    Happy Birthday Bennett!!

  2. Awesome pics!!! Love the cow balloons and cake! What happened with the first one??

    That Last picture and the one with him crying are perfection!!

  3. His party turned out so so so cute!!! Where did you find cow balloons? Precious!

    Yes, I would like to know about this cake hiccup, as well.

    Happy 1st birthday, Bennett!!!

  4. You can never have too many photos from a 1st birthday party! It looks like so much fun!!

    What happened to the first cake? The one you ended up with looked perfect! Love, love the last photo of him passed out - haha!!

    Happy 1st birthday, Bennett!

  5. Awesome party!!! I love that first picture and the frosting one. Adorable! They're all cute, but those are my favorites. It's good to know he likes his Elmo phone since Santa is bringing one for Jack!

    Happy 1 year, Bennett and Merry Christmas to all of you!


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