Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goin' Solo.

I have been meaning to post but I have not had the time!!! Daddy P left last Saturday for Annual Bowhunt Camp with his Dad and 2 other guys and their Dads. He will be home on either Saturday or Sunday... I am hoping Saturday!!!! I am fairing pretty well, though. I have been staying quite busy with work and B at night. That little guy is on the move CONSTANTLY!!! On Saturday, he stood up! He has been putting himself into a half standing position - feet on the ground, legs straight and hands on the ground, too!!! Then Saturday, he stood up from the little mini piano Daddy P & I got him from the JBF sale!!! I have a video of it but I can't seem to get Youtube to work right now. :(  He is getting so big and so strong and so darn independent! Oh, and that little guy loves my phone. He has figured out how to push the button to turn it on and he loves it!!! It's so cute to see his little face light up when he pushes the button and the phone turns on! I guess I'll need to get him his own little iPhone. [JOKING] Alright.... it's movie time for Mommy. :) Goodnight!!!


  1. Glad your surviving on your own! I hope the hubs comes back on Saturday, so you can get a little bit of a weekend together. Yay for standing up, Bennett!!!! So exciting.

  2. I'm glad you're doing alright without Patrick. The days and weeks do go by super fast when you work all day and then have to come home to a million things! It stinks to not have any help, but at least you only have a few more days alone. :)

    For some reason I though B was already standing. Well way to go for doing it now!! I guess next up is cruising. How exciting!!

  3. You can do it! Drew has been working really late recently so I'm on the single mom front too. Hopefully not for much longer - I miss the help! And conversation, haha!


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