Monday, September 27, 2010

B's 9 Month Stats are IN!

I missed another one of my favorite posting days - "5 Question Friday" but I had a good reason. We took B to his 9 month appointment!

He is a healthy, growing baby boy !!! But we already knew that. ;)
B is 29 inches tall! He weighs 20 lbs 6.5 oz which puts him in the 50-75% for weight and 75% for height. He is right around average...which means he's PERFECT!!!! This we already knew too. :)

He didn't have any routine shots this time around, but did get his 1st flu booster [of 2]. He only cried a little bit and then he was back to his good ol' self, but tired!!!

He slept a lot while we hit a couple stores trying to find some stuff for the house, and then he woke and was super hungers!!! So after a bottle we hit up Lenscrafters in search of some glasses for Daddy P. B was such a good little boy, especially considering we forgot to grab the stroller!!! The trip was not 100% successful [the pair we found was mucho $$$] but we did stop by Gymboree and found a great winter hat for B. I think I actually have a poor quality pic from my phone....see below!!!

The Dr. mentioned he will be waking up more and he was right on the money. The past couple of nights he has woken up crying... but he is able to put himself back to sleep [luckily!] and it seems like he's trying to get his sleep schedule figured out the past few days too. It probably also doesn't help that on the weekends, his schedule is different because we all are able to sleep in. Maybe we should try to keep the same as during the weekdays?? Does anyone else have any sleep schedule tips???

Also, another question for all your wonderful Mommies. Does anyone else have any problems at diaper-change time??? B hates it!!! He also hates getting his clothes changed... and I think the main factor is because he is lying down. I understand that he would much rather play and be upright... but it's not even that long that he's down...?? We try to keep him entertained and give him a toy to hold and all that...but it doesn't last long enough. Anyone have any tips there too??? All would be much appreciated!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good day, for a Monday.



  1. B is so cute!! As for diaper changing Sae went though (and still sometimes has her moments) of the diaper time escapes. We would give her a toy, or turn on a video or CD of music to get her to stay still I would make it like a game/sing-along type of thing and she would smile and clap her hands so I could work my magic and change her. Eventually you get faster and you will be surprised how fast you can change a diaper!

  2. I love that hat! He looks like he's ready to go duck hunting, sans pajamas. :)

    Everett is SO hard to diaper and change. It takes all the energy out of me to change his diaper or to cloth him. I too give him toys and anything to hold his attention for a few seconds and while it works sometimes, there are many times it doesn't. He twists to his right trying to get up but what I will do is kind of hunch over him and put his legs and hips between my knees. It is hard to explain but it confines him somewhat and it helps a little. Everett is very strong-willed so on most occasions, a simple diaper change takes over 5 minutes. I let him get up for a handful of seconds hoping he won't pee all over himself and then will lay him back down and try again.

    We have always followed a very consistent nap and bedtime routine and the key is to try to do nap times and bedtime around the same time every day.

  3. Love the hat! I need to find Jack one. Why did the doctor say that B would start waking up? Is it normal for sleep patterns to change around 9 months? we haven't had any problems here and we do pretty much keep the same schedule on the weekends, unfortunately! We always go to bed at the same time every night and Jack wakes up about the same time every morning.

    I don't have any advice on the diaper changes, except that I make sure Jack has a toy, like you mentioned. He is still doing good with it. I have a plastic mirror that came with his activity mat and I keep that near the changing table. He can look at himself, chew on it, or wave it around. It usually does the trick. I also sit him up when I can, like when I'm putting his shirt on. He does wiggle around more, but he has never tried to roll off the table or move around too too much. Once it becomes an issue, we'll start using my bed or the floor! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

  4. Yay for being a healthy boy!!

    Asher doesn't mind diaper changes, but is super wiggly. That gets old fast - especially when he's got a mess in his pants! Rene's tip about having a toy/distraction nearby works well for us. If I keep his hands busy then things go better.

    I'm also interested in why the doctor mentioned B's potential wake ups. Asher has the same schedule every day and he sleeps really well (most nights).

  5. Oh my goodness - that makes me very excited for Adelle's 9 month appointment!

    We keep the same sleep schedules on the weekend for consistency. Adelle might not take as many, or the same length nap, but her nighttime routine is the same. We found it helps with fussiness and the fact that she then doesn't get all out of whack for Monday.

    The changing and dressing thing is happening with Adelle too but only if I let her lay too long. I think she understands that she needs to be laying for the actual diaper change, but once that is on and I try to change her clothes she starts to roll and whine. SO I sit her up and change her outfit. She's also ok with me laying her back down to put her pants on. However, she whines and squirms more when I put things over her head so I try to do those things fast.


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