Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Priorities?? Another thing to add to the list.

Alright, I've been super bad at work. Don't tell my boss! Well, I just tend to spend a lot more time on personal stuff than work. I probably should not be posting this... but I still get my work done... the immediately urgent stuff. The daily grind stuff.... but the filing {since my friend and our receptionist quit to take care of her 2 little babes} is definitely adding up in my box. I hate filing. Seriously! I just feel like I don't get as much web time as I would like or am used to. I get home at night and literally don't want to really sit more on the computer... and there's so much other stuff to do!!! I really need to get my priorities straight... ie. get my work done before I blog but hey... I'm a fast typer?? There's so much to do and at times I feel a bit overwhelmed. I wonder if it'd be any easier if I were a SAHM? Or would it be harder??? I honestly and strongly feel like the entire nation should go to 4 day work weeks... I believe that's what they do in Europe? Those smart Europeans. Laundry, that's another thing I need to bump up on my list of priorities. But it's such a pain!!!! And it's never-ending! Okay, this has turned into a complete whiny post. Oops!!! Alright kids, back to the grind for Momma. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love that there is a laundry basket in that picture - how fitting! He's TOO cute, Anika!

    And laundry for a family of 3 IS neverending :( How???

  2. You're allowed to be a bit whiny every now and then (especially on your own blog!)

    And yes, I too feel like I'm doing laundry every other day and there's only 3 of us! I think Lily could have a load all on her own!

  3. Heck, there's only 2 of us and I have plenty of laundry! I need to prioritize a bit better myself, but I get so tired and sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and relax. Jack goes to bed early and I always tell myself, I'll make food, do laundry, or clean this or that before I go to bed, but after a long day at work who wants to run around cleaning all night? Sometimes we just gotta put that stuff aside and take a break!

    Oh, and I get bad at work sometimes too. I've gotten better because there's just too much work to do, but the computer and internet are right there! It's hard not to spend time looking up recipes and first birthday party themes. ;)

  4. I think everyone feels this way at times!! I know I do! With my eczema, I only do laundry on the weekends and we usually have about 5 loads to do (3 for us, one of towels, one for Addie). Addie likes watching me and playing with/in the warm towels or socks. Plus, we can run the machines while she naps. If we have plans, I fit things in during the week - it is DEFINITELY harder to do when I'm at work (teacher-off for a month during the summer)!

    As for working, I try to do those little things I hate a little bit at a time. Being a teacher, it's hard for me to slack off - though sometimes I do during my prep :) Anyway, I will set aside time at the beginning and end of my day, usually 5 or 10 minutes each, in order to get SOME of those things done. Some days I have a ton to do, some days I don't need that time. But that way I feel like if I slack during prep, I still get the tedious things (somewhat) completed!

    BTW - I dream of being a SAHM!!


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